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Friday, 3 February 2012


I need inspiration, illustrations, photography, literature back in my life. I feel like since I've finished college I just have no will to do anything. I miss doing illustrations in ink, I miss making a mess and playing around on Photoshop, trying to figure the damned software out - and the fact that it was on a Mac and not an old laptop that's close to death (I love you Bert but let's face the facts) made it so much easier. And then whenever I go to write it turns to utter trash. My descriptions, my sentence structure, it's all just gone down the drain. I'm still dabbling in photography though purely in a manner that is just for me. It isn't brilliant, it isn't fantastic, but it's something I enjoy.

For now though my part-time job is my life though. And with how little overtime I am actually getting right now I'm finding it difficult money-wise and it's actually forcing me to consider my future career opportunities. I'm going on a cruise to Norway in May with my grandma and if I enjoy it and get over my fear of the whole Titanic senario (which isn't helped by the fact the recent Costa Concordia ordeal) then I think I may seriously start to consider that as a career direction. Hopefully I'll figure that out this year and if needs be I'll do a course in travel and tourism at Grimsby. I know that I can't stay where I am for the rest of my life but the problem is I'm comfortable, I just need that kick up the arse to get me into motion. I know job opportunities aren't just going to jump into my lap and present themselves to me but honest to God, I will look further into the whole travel business if I do not get this current Spain bolster at work.

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