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Thursday, 27 June 2013


[1] Uglies - Scott Westerfeld   [2] Lunch dates   [3] The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien

I've been reading quite a bit recently. I finally finished The Hobbit sometime at the beginning of the month. It was a good book and I understand that it is essentially a kids book but [spoiler] you would've thought there would've been a bit more emotion when a couple of the characters died... and the Battle of Five Armies could've been written a bit more indepth. I guess I was expecting too much even though I knew what it essentially was. It's like the first Harry Potter book, it's clearly written for children but the rest of the books seem to mature. Maybe I'm rambling gobbledegoop right now, who knows. 

I started Uglies by Scott Westerfeld on Monday and finished it today. Again it was an okay book that took me until the meeting of Shay to get into. It was an easy read and quite predictable at times. I did like Westerfeld's future that he'd created though; the way that the Rusties had basically killed themselves off was cleverly done and believable however I couldn't find myself believing the romance at all - it was just too convenient. Maybe I'm just cynical but it was just a bit... weird. That's the only word that I can think of to describe it without giving too much away. I'll be reading the sequels at some point but I don't think I'll be rushing out to buy them tomorrow even though I am curious of what is to happen. I've got enough books to read as it is right now so one day I may buy Pretties and Specials but probably not anytime soon.

Definitely glad to be having more time off of my laptop and the sun has been shining the past few days so it's been nice just laying in the garden reading. 

[1] Hookah Pipe   [2] Applebys   [3] Sunshine!

Becki and I were saying to mum the other week how she's never actually had the water pipe out that we bought her for Christmas from Turkey - keep in mind how much she had said that she had wanted one so we snuck around and bought one whilst on holiday... that was two years ago. It was finally brought out at our nagging and we immediately broke it. Typical. Dad managed to get it back together after forty minutes of angry grunts whilst poking it with pliers. I'm glad that we have finally used it though. The tobacco free stuff we had smelt absolutely awful when we first got it out - keep in mind that it had been in the wardrobe for two years - but it smelt a little bit better when we put it in the little dish and it tasted alright so that's what matters I suppose! It was a fun experience though and nice to just chat around the table having a play with it after Sunday tea. Don't worry, we did have the door open right next to the table... we're not that silly.

The first day I proper sunshine I personally witnessed was the day Amy, Toria and I went to Applebys. It was absolutely gorgeous and well, nothing beats a girly chat, sunshine and the best mint choc chip icecream in the area. I would say the UK but I'd probably be lying... 

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Monday, 10 June 2013


We're six months into the year already and it's only just beginning to warm up. I wish Summer lasted longer, I hate the cold dreary weather and how it's dark at 5pm - it's just truly miserable and it makes me miserable in effect.

I want to start setting myself a daily word goal - one where it doesn't matter if it's fiction, a blog or a rant that I'm writing about. I need to set myself targets and then improve on them weekly and try and get myself into the habit of writing everyday even on those days that I'm fighting against a blockade. I want to focus on reading more and actually writing in notebooks again - sure it's a nightmare when it comes to editing but even if I just set a notebook aside specifically for 'Ripper' I'll get more out. I have ideas but right now they don't want to make that leap onto the screen. Also I need to overcome my fear of writing in front of others - if I'm in the mood just whip out a notebook whilst on lunch at work, why waste time that I could be jotting down, even if it's just notes of what is in my head.

I feel like I've passed the point of being able to write about my birthday. Dale took me away in short, the hotel was absolutely stunning and we had a lovely few days. I had the photographs developed a couple of days ago; using film will never grow old, I absolutely love it. I do wish I still had the use of a dark room though.

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