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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

It's January 2013 already! Oh how time does fly! I've met knew people, visited places I've never been before, went away for the first time with Dale, did Archery and sucked at it, received my Hogwarts acceptance letter... it's been an interesting year. And of course, rest in peace Grandpa and Dom, <3.

[1]   Leonardo Da Vinci's Flying Machine   [2]   Becki and I in a box   [3]   Salt-Dough snowman

The run up to Christmas was fantastic, I just love buying the presents and getting all prepared for the festive season. Becki and I made salt-dough decorations this year as well as some wreaths and such from the crafty creatives boxes. We also visited the Da Vinci Exhibition that was in Hull Art Gallery over Christmas - it was really interesting to actually see some of his work in person and the amount of detail that went into each of his drawings.

Becki and I did a joint present for our parents which were tickets to see a comedian however to make it more interesting we rapped them within several boxes, each box having a small gift inside for each of them. The starting box was huge, one that I had brought home from work and had originally had women's boots in - it was huge... so big that Becki and I box fit in it (which explains the second picture in the above photo set). We however didn't consider the fact that the box was so large that possible may not have fit through my doorway... thankfully with our house being quite new, the door frames are wider than usual and we were able to just squeeze it through Christmas Eve.

The only thing that I dislike about Christmas would be that I work in retail and well everyday is Hell on Earth and you are guaranteed to want to scream at and strangle at least one customer and maybe even some of your colleagues during any given work day. We do however make some pretty damn sexy elves, Mrs Santas, Christmas puddings and Snow-women. All you could hear that day was the jingle of bells and staff members ran around the shop... it definitely makes the weekend before Christmas just a little bit more bearable.

And then of course there are the jolly get togethers of friends. I love it. A festive drink, a delicious meal, good company and a catch up - fantastic. I love these guys and I'm glad they were able to make it.

[1]   Christmas treats from the managers   [2]   Decorations and Christmassy films   [3]   Tree decorations
[4]   Gifts   [5]   Christmas games   [6]   Harry Potter, Page To Screen

I love traditions. Every Christmas Eve I go to Mass with my Grandma, cousins and aunt and uncle to single carols. I enjoy that family time and then I come home and spend the rest of the evening with my parents, sister and Grandma watching Christmas specials. I'm the kind of the person that still gets so excited for Christmas even though I'm nineteen years old (twenty this year) - in fact I woke up at 4:30am Christmas morning and was so excited and slept on and off until 7am. 

I wish Christmas lasted longer than just two days. It seems to be over so quickly.