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Friday, 30 March 2012

The Hunger Games

I don't understand people. I just read an article in the Daily Mail about some woman kicking off about her daughters being emotionally scarred by The Hunger Games. I went to see it with Dale last night finally and it was okay, the book was definitely better but isn't that always the case? There's all this commotion because it's been certificated as a 12a but this is how I see it: Maybe if parents are freaking out about what their children are being shown they should actually check what they're child is going to view at the cinema first. If I go onto my local cinema's website and click on The Hunger Games this is the description I get

The Hunger Games

Sci-fi thriller ‘The Hunger Games’, from director Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, Pleasantville) takes us to a future North America where deadly gladiatorial combat has become an annual TV sensation. Every year, a teenage boy and girl are selected to compete in a fight to the death with other contenders. When Katniss takes her younger sister’s place for the forthcoming match, only training from a past champion and her instinct for survival can help her return home victorious. ‘The Hunger Games’ stars Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men: First Class) and Josh Hutcherson (Detention).

So there we have three key phrases that will clue you into what is going to happen in this film. No, the children aren't going to go to a nice arena filled with harmless birds and bees but instead one filled with Jabberjays, Mockingjays, Tracker Jackers and murderous children. Personally I find that the story that is told through the books is inspiring, it shows what could become of us when greed takes over, when the world is dying and when desperation takes over the people. Just look at the people that live in Capitol, yes they look humorous but they are all just following the trends of the times. People die everyday through natural causes, through war, through taking their own lives. War is real, so why not portray it in this way? I would rather have my child watch this than Twilight to be perfectly honest (where may I point out the first film has a rating of PG-13 and also has death in it - one of which we clearly see one vampire breaking anothers neck). To be honest I found the books more violent that the film. They didn't include half the things that would have made it more gruesome - for example the Mutt's having the eyes of the tributes. People over-react about the stupidest of things. And yes, I do realise I am most probably overreacting about that woman's article but never mind, I'm a hypocrite.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


So Spencer the new laptop is already giving me a headache, it doesn't like to turn on. The power button just flashes, it took two hours this morning until it would finally work. I think it's going to have to be sent back, I'm not spending that much money on something that is faulty. Bit of a pain seeing as I've only just finished putting all of my music onto it and half of my files - the music was a massive pain as well.

I've also decided that I need a mini watering can because I only remember to water my plant in my room if I have a bottle in here which is very rare. At least the plants part cactus! (...bit of a random end note there for you)

Monday, 26 March 2012


Dom's funeral was beautiful. I loved the fact that the song they entered to was Mr Rock and Roll by Amy MacDonald, it was nice and upbeat and just Dom. Truly was a lovely service though and the church was exquisite. He's going to be missed by a lot of people, he was a wonderful person and there isn't a single bad memory I have of him.

 RIP Dom, I wish you didn't have to leave us so soon.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Girl, Interrupted

Becki and I had Dominoes for tea last night as the parents are away for the weekend. It's a bit of a tradition I guess now. We watched 'Girl, Interrupted' which I'd bought quite a while ago but had never got around to watch it. It was a good film, I liked it though I bawled my eyes out into the side of the sofa at points. Short post but I thought I would just mention the film, it's worth watching and although I'm not a massive fan of Angelina Jolie, I loved her in this.

'Lisa thinks she’s hot shit because she’s a sociopath.'

Thursday, 22 March 2012


I ordered a new laptop the other night as it was insanely cheap due to it being a refurbished one. I bought it through the Argos outlet on ebay and it's a HP Pavilion G series laptop. I'm hardly technology savvy but Dale said it's good so I went for it because let's face it, poor Bert is on his way out and he's just not performing how he used to. Yes I name my laptops... Spencer is the new one. Having a bitch of a time transferring things though. Mainly my writing documents which is sending me into a stressful fit of frustration. Writing fills a lot of time, I have a lot of documents and the fact that they are not willing to transfer nicely is driving me mad. I really don't want to end up losing documents!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

This week I've hardly had any just me-time so tonight I have designated it as just that. Which is basically me saying that I'm doing bugger all and just sitting on my laptop all night doing unproductive things - but who cares? Stayed at Dale's house on Sunday night and we baked rainbow cakes... well attempted to. We used cake mix (he bought it before hand otherwise I would've stopped him mind you) so it was a little bit too runny and the layers just splodged together. And then we couldn't find the cake tin thing so we just used a normal baking tray which meant that they all spilt over so yes, we were left with a rainbow tray by the end of it. Tasty results either way and it was fun!

Caught up with Beki and Yas on Tuesday. We stuffed outselves at Pizza Hut before having a few drinks in old Lloyds - where I tried to understand football, the whole place was talking about Beki's boobs and pirates and wizards were the main topic of conversation. It was nice catching up with them and just chatting. Also saw Luke out and chatted for a bit. I still can't get the damn stamp off of my hand though.

Went to see The Raven last night at the cinema. It was an alright film, I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it either. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood for that kind of film (which I know I wasn't) but it just seemed rushed and a little bit too obvious at times. Luke Evans was lovely it in though, I do like him as an actor.

I also got home to find my graze box had arrived this afternoon which was a pleasant suprise seeing as I had forgotten that it was due today. So Graze. Graze is this wonderful website where you can order a snack box thats full of nutrional snacks - some are a little bit naughty, others are full of pure goodness. I love them to be honest. Charley told me about them and I'm glad I tried them out. I'm like a child when I get things through the post so it's always fun anticipating these whilst also knowing that there will be something new and different inside. You can rate all of the snacks on their website with either bin, like, love or try and there is also a send soon button on most. I generally put try on everything but the ones with raisons and sultanas in - they're just plain cringe worthy on their own. I have also discovered that I'm not too keen on olives but chilli and lime flavoured pistachios are very nice. In the one I received today I got Pina Colada (pineapple, coconut and mango), apple and cinnamon flapjacks (can't wait to try these!), Keen Bean (edamame beans, black beans, chilli broad beans and peanuts) and Strawberry Milkshake (strawberries, banana and white chocolate buttons). I love it. A little bit of goodness to cheer my week up.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Woke up to a text this morning from Catherine asking me if I'd heard about Dom. Which I hadn't. As soon as that was said I knew he had passed away - I hate just staying dead/died/etc it just seems so abrupt and harsh. He was such an amazing guy, truly the nicest person I'd ever met but behind that he was still troubled. There's a lot of things I regret but I guess when a person passes that's how people feel - I know I did when grandpa died and now again for Dom. I used to love your hugs before, during and after my graphics lessons. It was so nice just chatting to you as we walked around college as well, just talking about everything and anything. I've been listening to Opeth all today in a sort of remembrance. I even still have your version in my itunes but I can't bring myself to listen to it yet. There's so many things that I wish could've been different between us, Charley is the only one that knows the true extent of that. You know Dean and I have been talking about you so much as well recently at work, saying how much of an amazing guy you are and memories of you - and now this. It hurts like hell, seems surreal. I really do hope that I'm going to wake up tomorrow and it's not true. That today didn't happen. I feel emotionally drained and so so tired.

R.I.P. Dominic Panter aka Dom Pan Nom <3

Thursday, 8 March 2012

So it was nice of Primark to inform me that I hadn't been accepted for the Spain bolster! It would've just have been nice to be told but I guess they don't care that much. Ah never mind, I have overtime now anyway but who knows what next month is going to hold seeing at the rotas aren't up yet - which is a bit of a pain. I need to sort so many things out next week but I can't until I know what I'm worked - for example: I need to make a doctor's appointment, look after Pip Tuesday morning if I can, going out for Lunch with grandma and Auntie Mavis, work out what is happening with Dale and such. It's hardly important stuff besides the first but it's frustrating not knowing. I'm staying until seven tonight to help Katie with a move on department four, at least the shop will be closed and customer services isn't too bad.

I have come to realise how bad I am at money handling as well. Well I always knew it but still, this month it has come to light. I've hardly saved anything yet my wages have disappeared and it's still another two weeks until I get paid again. Well I have saved about £70, that's it. Then £100 for my driving lesson, and then somehow I have managed to spend about £150. I really don't know how I do it, pure skill I guess.

I did buy the Hunger Games trilogy though (all three for £5 from The Works, bargain!). I don't think it is possible to dislike those books. I was immediately taken by their fast pace - Lord knows how I don't like long winded books that drag on forever - and the suspense that just gripped you. The cliffhangers at the end of every single chapter were a nightmare as well, it was hell to have to put it down. That's the first one anyway. Catching Fire took me a little longer to get in to but I loved it all the same as soon as it got to the fast paced action. It was interesting and clever, especially after finishing the first book I was confused at where it could go from there. I'm glad the Suzanne Collins didn't settle for the mundane story lines that could have been taken from it. I'm a quarter way through Mockingjay now and again, I'm gripped, not sure how this series could end seeing as it could go many ways seeing as I haven't been disappointed so far.

I also went out on Saturday night with a few girls from work. I know right, me going out. Preposterous! But I hate to admit it was actually a good night. We didn't stay out too late, ending up getting home about 2am but it was still good.