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Thursday, 8 March 2012

So it was nice of Primark to inform me that I hadn't been accepted for the Spain bolster! It would've just have been nice to be told but I guess they don't care that much. Ah never mind, I have overtime now anyway but who knows what next month is going to hold seeing at the rotas aren't up yet - which is a bit of a pain. I need to sort so many things out next week but I can't until I know what I'm worked - for example: I need to make a doctor's appointment, look after Pip Tuesday morning if I can, going out for Lunch with grandma and Auntie Mavis, work out what is happening with Dale and such. It's hardly important stuff besides the first but it's frustrating not knowing. I'm staying until seven tonight to help Katie with a move on department four, at least the shop will be closed and customer services isn't too bad.

I have come to realise how bad I am at money handling as well. Well I always knew it but still, this month it has come to light. I've hardly saved anything yet my wages have disappeared and it's still another two weeks until I get paid again. Well I have saved about £70, that's it. Then £100 for my driving lesson, and then somehow I have managed to spend about £150. I really don't know how I do it, pure skill I guess.

I did buy the Hunger Games trilogy though (all three for £5 from The Works, bargain!). I don't think it is possible to dislike those books. I was immediately taken by their fast pace - Lord knows how I don't like long winded books that drag on forever - and the suspense that just gripped you. The cliffhangers at the end of every single chapter were a nightmare as well, it was hell to have to put it down. That's the first one anyway. Catching Fire took me a little longer to get in to but I loved it all the same as soon as it got to the fast paced action. It was interesting and clever, especially after finishing the first book I was confused at where it could go from there. I'm glad the Suzanne Collins didn't settle for the mundane story lines that could have been taken from it. I'm a quarter way through Mockingjay now and again, I'm gripped, not sure how this series could end seeing as it could go many ways seeing as I haven't been disappointed so far.

I also went out on Saturday night with a few girls from work. I know right, me going out. Preposterous! But I hate to admit it was actually a good night. We didn't stay out too late, ending up getting home about 2am but it was still good.

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