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Friday, 19 July 2013


[1] Watermelon   [2] Beach days   [3] Sunbathing

I'm absolutely loving this weather! I'm definitely happiest when it's beautiful and hot outside. It's been nice just being able to enjoy it to be honest - though my bank account won't be as happy come payday. And considering I've been sunbathing for what, two weeks straight? I've barely got a tan just very sore legs instead. Cleethorpes really is wonderful in this weather.

My original plan this month was to take part in Camp NaNoWriMo but that sort of belly-flopped after a couple of days. I managed 1,183 words and then just kind of fell headfirst into a fanfiction I had been writing. This is where Becki would slap me and tell me that I need to finish Ripper first but you know, sometimes you just have to give in to your obsessions. In the time that I haven't been dabbling in writing I really just have been spending as much time as I can outside. 'Outside?!' I here you scream, I know - I think I've spent more time outside this year than I have in the past five years combined.

In June and the beginning of July I bought myself two disposable cameras and thought I'd take part in the Indisposable Concept. The idea is to take photographs over the period of a week of the world around you and what is important to you. And well, if it involves film I'm sold to be honest so I had a go and it was fun.

I've got so much to actually look forward to this autumn/winter which I'm glad for. I hate the cold months, they always leave me feeling so down but now I have tickets to see two of my favourite bands which is fantastic. Seeing The Airborne Toxic Event and Jason Manford in October and then Imagine Dragons and Panic! At The Disco in November and Russell Howard at the beginning of 2014. I'm so excited it's unbelievable. Especially for Panic; I've been fangirling over them for God knows how many years. I'll even whip out the ancient band fanfiction I have from when I was like 13, 14 years old if you ask really nicely - it's moments like this that I realise how much of a hardcore teenager I was...

Currently watching: Re-watching Firefly
Currently looking forward to: The how-ever-many-of days of sunshine we have left
Currently in my car: A wonderful mixed CD

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