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Saturday, 24 November 2012


It's nearly Christmas! I'm very excited this year and I hope that the new year will bring much happier memories than 2012 has. I think the job searching needs to commence to be honest as well, I'm just not getting the overtime that I need - Hugo needs petrol after all. This month hasn't been very interesting to be honest. I decided to take part in NaNoWriMo this year however I didn't start writing until the second week and now I've reached about 29,000 words and I've hit a wall... there is no way in hell that I can reach 50,000 by the 30th. But nevermind! To be honest I'm impressed I've made it this far - after all it's my longest piece of writing yet and I haven't even edited it yet and well it's not finished to be honest. Let's face it, Cynical Relations I have been writing for a very long time and personally I don't find the quality of writing or the content to as appealing as my NaNoWriMo piece. As I've had a lack of overtime it has meant that I was able to knuckle down with writing but I just can't find inspiration right now. I know what I want to write but I just can't get it down... I just sit here staring blankly at my computer screen or a piece of paper until I find something to procrastinate with (though my room is incredibly tidy now!).

What I'm reading: A Song Of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. I can't believe how alike the series is to the book so far - admittedly I'm not very far but the dialogue is basically exactly the same (which explains why the television series is so wordy). I'm trying not to read it whilst I'm attempting NaNoWriMo but I couldn't resist when the postman turned up with all of the books.

What I'm listening to: I do love Skyfall by Adele. It's been motivating to write to.

Latest obsession: Crafty Creatives. I love it. I haven't been very artsy or creative since I finished college for lack of inspiration and materials however Crafty Creatives sends you a little box of creative goodies each month for all your crafting needs. Each both is themed, October was Halloween themed and November was nostalgic Christmas. Each box features a kit (Octobers was to make a masquerade mask which is pictured on my pin board above) though I doubt I'm going to get the hang of crocheting with this month's kit - it doesn't look easy! I made the bracelet pictured above with the skull beads that were included in October's box and I haven't had it off of my wrist since. I can't wait to have a play next week with November's box.

What I've Watched: What haven't I watched? Well Supernatural actually but if we look past that I've watched Firefly - which was bloody brilliant and I would highly recommend to everyone and anyone. Seriously this television series is fantastic in my eyes. I love all of the characters and it's just an interesting story line, it's just a shame there isn't a series two. There was a film made however, Serenity, to round it all up - I wasn't a massive fan of the film but it was still good.

I've also started to re-watch Life On Mars because well it's Gene Genie baby. I love this show and it has been far too long since I first watched it, I'll be re-watching Ashes To Ashes next I think!

An Update

Two months, two months! Oh I'm terrible. I'm rubbish at keeping on top of things, we all know that. I haven't even updated you on Center Parcs and that seems like ages ago now.

Center Parcs was brilliant. The drive down wasn't too bad to be honest though I now have a major dislike for tractors. The villa was lovely though it was freezing... all of the time. The heating was absolutely rubbish but at least it gave us more of a reason to snuggle up in front of the television in an evening and watch season one of Game Of Thrones (fantastic series may I add). It also gave us an excuse to use the fire in the villa which was lovely. We did a Birds of Prey Experience where we held a hawk, falcon and an owl. We did a couple of treasure hunt-like activities (some of which were embarrassingly hard to do) and a tree trekking/aerial adventure activity. The latter was brilliant; the ropes go so bloody high and well, it's pretty scary for someone like me - someone that has no guts whatsoever - but I did it once with the help of Dale and then did it again. There was a zipwire at the end of the course as well - the guy had to literally push me off both times but it was fun! Archery was... interesting. I was absolutely rubbish to be quite frank. Dale was brilliant and scored pretty high each time whilst I didn't much improve as the lesson went on - in fact I think I actually got worse. It was really fun though and I would definitely do it again... after all practice makes perfect!

Halloween came next! That was a good night out - though I think it was my second this year to be honest. I dressed up as a pirate and Yas did some special effects makeup on Beki and I that looked incredibly - Beki's torn out throat can be seen in one of the first pictures. I'm impressed, she's damn good at what she does.