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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Big Kids

I'm currently panicking about an interview so I'm distracting myself with this instead. It's about time I posted again anyway. I would like to say I've been super busy over the past month but that would be a lie. I've barely had any overtime which has just been depressing as I'm trying to save as much as I can right now for Asylum 12 so for the most part I've been trying to resist buying rubbish (with the exception of Alton Towers, I put money aside for that). I'm a impulse buyer which is why my room is filled with so many trinkets and jewelry - I think I need to get on Ebay and start selling bits and bobs.

Went to Alton Towers with Amy and Toria on Tuesday. She had tickets for £10 each so it was such a cheap day out - any more money and I wouldn't have been willing to pay! It was such a fantastic day if you forget the few mishaps - ripped tights, lost sunglasses, a broken Iphone - I would definitely have loved to do another day of it. First time I've driven far on the motorway as well so I'm proud that I didn't panic too much!

I actually went on Nemesis and Air as well! Nemesis I may have screamed my lungs out all the way around on and Toria just laughed at me the whole time. I was shaking when I got off. Air however was fantastic, laughing the whole way around, I love that ride!

We had one voucher left on the fourphotographs for £25 card at the end of the day so we decided to go on The Flume again... I may have also suggested we buy props. We were wetting ourselves laughing. We got absolutely soaked just in time for the car ride home but it was so worth it. I just hope the people queuing didn't think we were mental when we went down the last drop with our swords lifted (not to mention the poor girl on the security cameras watching as we practiced on the first drop... We are adults, we swear...

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