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Monday, 23 July 2012


1. Drinks with Hannah and Chrissy 2. Fat cats lie 3. Pudding doesn't play with packing foam apparently, she'll just lay there unamused 4. Beki and Eirn's kittens - Robin Sparkles 5. Sirius Cat 6. Applebys

Well work has picked up recently, I've been getting overtime again which is nice - especially when it means I have a lovely paycheck to look forward to. Barely have any of this month's left and I still have two weeks to wait! Not good but it can't be helped. Went to see Beki last week and met her and Erin's kittens Sirius Cat and Robin Sparkles. They're adorable and oh so tiny! I'm a crazy cat lady at the best of times and they just brought it out of me.

Went swimming on Friday and then to the cinema to see The Dark Knight Rises. Swimming was quite busy (stupid children being off for the summer holidays now) and the Leisure Center really does need to be refurbished - the bloody ceiling was peeling away in the showers and in the changing rooms, it wasn't pleasant! The Dark Knight Rises was pretty damn good though considering I wasn't really too excited for it, going to go and see it again in a few weeks with Becki and dad.

Finally got my car on Saturday after a lot of faffing about with people that refused to ring you back or do the polite thing and just tell you that the car had sold instead of blatantly ignoring you... I'm not bitter I swear. I finally have a dark green Peugeot 206 and he's quite a lovely little car. Hugo is his name. Need to go and get the left rear light fixed tomorrow but it shouldn't be too bad. Parking is the thing that freaks me out the most it seems, I'm just so diabolical at it! I definitely need some practice. 

The sun has showed it's face in Cleethorpes this week and we've been having lovely weather. Becki and I washed Hugo today before going to Applebys and having a little picnic and eating our weight in ice cream. I'm going again on Wednesday with Beki as well - I'm going to pile the weight on with this car! It's been a nice busy day.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Driving Test

I don't think I actually mentioned that I passed my driving test but yep, it's official, on the 12th June I passed my Driving Test first time. I was absolutely terrified and shaking with nerves, it was awful. I was given the maneuver I was most confident with as well luckily; turning the road, the nicest of them all! I only had five minors which I'm quite proud of. However it's been over a month since my test and I still don't have a car. It's getting rather frustrating. I have to get the bus tomorrow morning at 7:15am which could have been avoided if I just had a car! I have three options right now, a Corsa, Clio or a KA. I would love the Corsa, it's a nice car however you would think that these people don't actually want to sell their cars seeing as they won't respond to phone calls and texts. Really bloody frustrating.

Here, have a positively awful photograph of myself after I passed :)

I honestly recommend Anderby. They are a really good driving school and even the boss man is lovely. I managed to pass in around seven months, under the average number of hours for someone my age (I can't remember the statistics exactly). Bring on the car!