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Friday, 13 July 2012

Driving Test

I don't think I actually mentioned that I passed my driving test but yep, it's official, on the 12th June I passed my Driving Test first time. I was absolutely terrified and shaking with nerves, it was awful. I was given the maneuver I was most confident with as well luckily; turning the road, the nicest of them all! I only had five minors which I'm quite proud of. However it's been over a month since my test and I still don't have a car. It's getting rather frustrating. I have to get the bus tomorrow morning at 7:15am which could have been avoided if I just had a car! I have three options right now, a Corsa, Clio or a KA. I would love the Corsa, it's a nice car however you would think that these people don't actually want to sell their cars seeing as they won't respond to phone calls and texts. Really bloody frustrating.

Here, have a positively awful photograph of myself after I passed :)

I honestly recommend Anderby. They are a really good driving school and even the boss man is lovely. I managed to pass in around seven months, under the average number of hours for someone my age (I can't remember the statistics exactly). Bring on the car!

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