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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Fresh Start

Sharpen up your teeth
Your dreams are more than worth defending
In a fight that's never ending
Go on, go ahead and prove me wrong

Finally. Finally I want to write again.

I hate those months, the ones where I just can't find the energy or the inspiration. It's finally hit me though and I've been delving into a new piece of fiction, one that I'm handwriting first before then typing up. I'm finding this way a lot easier as it gives me the chance to review slightly without being tempted to get too involved in editing at this stage - and well, any excuse to just type without having to really think about it works for me. I love touch-typing. I just absolutely love it. I find it quite relaxing and would quite happily enjoy endlessly typing from a piece of paper.

Admittedly the time that I find it best to write at is at two in the morning which is unfortunate for my sleeping pattern and anyone that has to deal with me the following day.

Life has been quite busy recently. Well busier than I'm used to anyway. 2014 is looking like it's going to be a fantastic year though with so many exciting things going on; my 21st, best friend's baby boy will be arriving in a few months, Russell Howard, Asylum 12, a potential holiday. I can't wait.

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