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Saturday, 24 November 2012

An Update

Two months, two months! Oh I'm terrible. I'm rubbish at keeping on top of things, we all know that. I haven't even updated you on Center Parcs and that seems like ages ago now.

Center Parcs was brilliant. The drive down wasn't too bad to be honest though I now have a major dislike for tractors. The villa was lovely though it was freezing... all of the time. The heating was absolutely rubbish but at least it gave us more of a reason to snuggle up in front of the television in an evening and watch season one of Game Of Thrones (fantastic series may I add). It also gave us an excuse to use the fire in the villa which was lovely. We did a Birds of Prey Experience where we held a hawk, falcon and an owl. We did a couple of treasure hunt-like activities (some of which were embarrassingly hard to do) and a tree trekking/aerial adventure activity. The latter was brilliant; the ropes go so bloody high and well, it's pretty scary for someone like me - someone that has no guts whatsoever - but I did it once with the help of Dale and then did it again. There was a zipwire at the end of the course as well - the guy had to literally push me off both times but it was fun! Archery was... interesting. I was absolutely rubbish to be quite frank. Dale was brilliant and scored pretty high each time whilst I didn't much improve as the lesson went on - in fact I think I actually got worse. It was really fun though and I would definitely do it again... after all practice makes perfect!

Halloween came next! That was a good night out - though I think it was my second this year to be honest. I dressed up as a pirate and Yas did some special effects makeup on Beki and I that looked incredibly - Beki's torn out throat can be seen in one of the first pictures. I'm impressed, she's damn good at what she does.