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Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I haven't really written much recently, every time I have come to do so I've been too tired to make any sense of what I'm writing. Lucky for you however I got twelve hours sleep last night! Yep... I have an exciting life going to bed at 9:30pm on a Tuesday evening.

September was quite a busy month for me work wise and I've generally been working everyday - as you can imagine this is the reason for falling asleep so early. I applied for the job of weekend supervisor as well and was appointed the position two weeks ago so I've been busy covering hours in the week with that as well. It's been rather stressful at times (though I know I shouldn't let a lot of things get to me, what can I say? I'm sensitive!) but I can not wait until payday!

I finished reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak finally and it really is a fantastic book. Don't get me wrong, it may have taken me forever to read it but that's just the kind of person I am, it truly is a wonderful book. It's heart-wrenching, funny, insightful, augh! It's just so brilliantly written - I highly recommend it.

I went to see Anna Karenina and Lawless at the cinema last month. Both films were fantastic - though I rarely dislike a film either way. It was visually stunning the way Anna Karenina was done. I was slightly lost at times and that woman infuriated me as well but wow, it was definitely intriguing. Lawless was good: the bloody violence made me cringe often and I had a tear come to my eye more than once. I loved the characters though Tom Hardy was hard to understand at times.

Television! I have no life with everything that is starting again now. Doctor Who is back, Supernatural starts again tonight, Once Upon A Time started again Sunday night and then Dale and I are still making our way through Dexter. Oh and Merlin season one is sat on my shelf waiting to be watched. So many fandoms so little time!

October is going to be just as busy as September - I feel like the year is over already. Yasmin's birthday is next week and so we're going for a meal, then it's Dale's birthday on Thursday and then we're going to Center Parcs on the Monday after. I am so unprepared it's unreal. I only realised this morning that it was so close and now I'm panicking about the three hour car journey and about packing and the fact that I have no money. Well I get paid on Friday but I feel like it's all going straight out again - and then I have an MOT to pay for this month as well as tax. I'm depressed... it's official. I work nearly everyday for a month and I'm not going to hardly see any of the money. Bah.