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Monday, 10 June 2013


We're six months into the year already and it's only just beginning to warm up. I wish Summer lasted longer, I hate the cold dreary weather and how it's dark at 5pm - it's just truly miserable and it makes me miserable in effect.

I want to start setting myself a daily word goal - one where it doesn't matter if it's fiction, a blog or a rant that I'm writing about. I need to set myself targets and then improve on them weekly and try and get myself into the habit of writing everyday even on those days that I'm fighting against a blockade. I want to focus on reading more and actually writing in notebooks again - sure it's a nightmare when it comes to editing but even if I just set a notebook aside specifically for 'Ripper' I'll get more out. I have ideas but right now they don't want to make that leap onto the screen. Also I need to overcome my fear of writing in front of others - if I'm in the mood just whip out a notebook whilst on lunch at work, why waste time that I could be jotting down, even if it's just notes of what is in my head.

I feel like I've passed the point of being able to write about my birthday. Dale took me away in short, the hotel was absolutely stunning and we had a lovely few days. I had the photographs developed a couple of days ago; using film will never grow old, I absolutely love it. I do wish I still had the use of a dark room though.

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