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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Nineteen Years Old

I am now nineteen years old. One more year until I'm a teen no more. I had a really nice birthday this year; it was Saturday so I booked the weekend off. We had no power for about four hours in the morning but it wasn't too bad. Opened presents before mum and dad left for the gym and I got some lovely things from them included two vintage style maps which will be going on my wall as soon as I can work out where I can squeeze them. Becki got me tickets for the Harry Potter studio tour so that's going to be brilliant. We're going late June and staying overnight in London, it's going to be great! Loved everything Dale got me, especially loved the Paper Planes bag! So far it's gone everywhere with me and it'll most definitely be going on the cruise as well. He also treated me to a meal as well which was really nice.

Becki and I went to Meadowhall on the Sunday and we both spent a good amount of our birthday money. I bought some art supplies from Paperchase; two sketch books, decorative tape and a pen. I really want to get back into drawing, I'm just lacking inspiration mostly. Felt pretty down last night but I ended up drawing in my new sketch book and well everything felt okay for a while.

It's just... do you ever just feel really alone? Like there's no one else like you that's just as obsessive as you are? It hit me hard last night and I know it's not normal to get so into things as I do but I love that about fandoms, I just love how involved everyone is and how it's like one big family. It just drives me insane that I don't know anyone else like that. It feels like i'm the only that really understands me.

Last week on of the rare sunny days that Cleethorpes saw I went on a mini bike ride to take some photographs. None of my polaroids turned out as I didn't cover them soon enough but it was still so nice out there. It was just nice to be somewhere there weren't tons of people, just peace. And then the man and his very wet dog came along and the very wet dog was very very loving. I love how friendly people can be. There's just something about rapeseed that I love, I think it's just the amount of colour, it's a sure sign that nicer weather is coming.

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