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Monday, 4 February 2013


[1] Snowy garden   [2] Fudge Kitchen   [3] Poor Hugo

Well 2013 is now underway and it's been a pretty cold start to the year so far. We've had a week or so of snow but nothing extravagant but it's definitely been nice to be able to curl up in the warmth with hot drinking fudge and not have a care in the world. Well, for the most part.

[1] Becki's Birthday   [2] Belated Hogwarts Acceptance Letter   [3] Sleepy cat

It was Becki's birthday just over a week ago so there's been plenty of sweet stuff around the house - really doesn't help when I have little to no willpower. Really need to start doing some sort of exercise and eating healthier again - it's especially hard however when the kitchen has been ripped out right now though and we don't have a cooker and everything is upside down. I'm not exactly a big takeaway person but Domino's Pizza is definitely my weak spot... and Subway.
 [1] Polaroid   [2] Crafts   [3] Qwertee
Polaroids: I finally got the chance to buy some more film for my Polaroid 600 camera this month. Becki introduced me to The Impossible Project so I thought I'd give it a try and I was impressed. It's such good quality, the images are sharp, the colour is fantastic. Compared to previous film that I have bought from amazon it is incredible and it's the same price. I bought a PX 680 Color Protection pack as well as the limited edition PX 600 Silver Shade film with two white frames, two black and two with feather prints. The latter should be fun to use when the time comes. The only problem with Polaroid is that the film is so damn expensive but if you're going to spend that much on film you may as well get it from The Impossible Project, at least you know it's not going to be a waste of money then.

Crafts: I've been trying to do a lot more creative things this year. I received a 'make your own stuffed heart' set for christmas from Becki so I had a go at that the other night and I'm quite impressed! For a simple squishy heart I think it's quite adorable. I made two bracelets the other night: one used the rest of the skull beads from my taster box and I also used the toadstools from January's box to make a cute little beaded bracelet. What can I say, I like bracelets! Needle felting was the kit in January's box as well - it's really easy to do and quite therapeutic, I just need to think about what to actually do with the many leaves I've made now.

I also bought a Doctor Who top from Qwertee which is just absolutely brilliant, I love it!