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Sunday, 31 March 2013


I've really enjoyed the past week, I feel like I've actually made the most of my time off and I've enjoyed every moment of it. I may have nearly spent my whole pay check in a week but still, it was worth it (though I'm sure that I won't be saying that in a weeks time when I'm desperate for money).

 Me, Amy, Toria and Connie (Amy's photograph)

On the Friday evening Dale and I went to Coningsby to see his Nanna, have a meal and stay the night. It was nice. Saturday night I went out with Amy, Toria and Connie and it was honestly one of the best night's out that I've had. There was zero drama and we just had fun; I do love those girls.

On the Monday Becki, Kayleigh and I drove down to Manchester to see Biffy Clyro at Manchester Arena. They were brilliant, there's no doubt about that and the set was pretty cool too. It's the first time I was in standing in a crowd that size and honestly it was pretty daunting to begin with but I really enjoyed it. Being small sucked though, sometimes there were just a few too many heads in the way. I would love to see them live again sometime.

[1]  Hobbits   [2]  Kermit   [3]  Paperchase

Where we stayed was literally a five minute walk from everything which was pretty good. It may have not been a five star hotel but it was okay for the night so I was fairly happy. We went in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols and oh dear God I have never felt so out of place in a store before. And well they were the last clothing stores that we went in the next were the Lego shop, Disney Store and Paperchase - we have our priorities right. I now have Mr Frodo and Mr Bilbo Baggins to accompany me on adventures. I bought Alice In Wonderland (animated) and Mulan on DVD from the Disney Store as well as a Kermit the frog mug - I really do love my massive Disney mugs. Becki bought a linen spray called 'Wonder' and it really does smell fantastic. And then of course there was Paperchase - I've never seen one as big as the one in Manchester, it was fantastic. I bought quite a few bits and it only came to £12 which wasn't too bad.

Dale and I went to Hull on Thursday and went to The Deep. It was better than I was anticipating and I have to admit that the Jelly Fish were my favourite - I just find them so interesting and strange. I can imagine it being packed with even more kids this week so I'm glad Dale had last week off and not next week. I do love fish!

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