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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

CCbox 9

I never have a bad thing to say about CrafyCreatives and this months box theme of 'Steampunk' was just brilliant. As always the box included tons of goodies with my favourites being the kit to make the trinket box, the brown tweed fabric (which I'm itching to have a play with) and the tiny watch parts.

Below is my trinket box which I've been having a go at today. It may not be perfect but I really enjoyed making it which I suppose is the main goal. I used the reel of wire that was included in the box and made a hot air balloon (however it seems to look more like an exclamation mark but nevermind!) and then added the tiny watch parts and the chain to the balloon to decorate it a little bit. It's simple but I like it! I did have a play with the metallic transfer foils and cogs but I haven't quite got the hang of that one yet.

I can't wait to start getting creative with the fabrics - I need to buy some stuffing first however, something which I keep forgetting to do. Admittedly my bedroom hasn't really got the space to be storing millions of CCboxes but I'll find somewhere to keep them (that isn't beside my bed) soon. What I would really love is a desk that I could keep all of my art bits in/around. The calligraphy set that I received from Dale for Christmas hasn't had a chance to come out yet for lack of space - I just don't particularly fancy using my dressing table as a desk, there's already enough on it. This is when I miss the study that is now a spare bedroom.

I forgot to mention that we dressed up at work for Comic Relief. It definitely does make the day go a little bit better - especially when a little girl gasps with wide eyes as she sees your sword. It was a really good day and everyone joined in with half of us ending up being pirates and the other half being animals. Any excuse to dress up and we're there. 

Which brings me to the Rocky Horror Show. Becki, Zoe and I went to see it at Grimsby Auditorium on Monday night and it was just so bloody good. I didn't quite know what to expect from the stage show but it was fantastic and done so well. Frank N Furter was cast so well - I was not disappointed - and the way that they did the bedroom scenes with Brad, Janet and Frank N Furter was very clever.

It was brilliant how the majority of the audience really got into it with dressing up and dancing and yelling things out. That's one of the great things about Rocky Horror, how much the audience participates. We dressed up but didn't go over the top - just a corset, shorts, fishnets (or just tights in my case) and pearls. There were some brilliants Frank N Furters there though and quite a lot of Magentas that also looked fantastic. Personally for me the narrator was one of the highlights of the show though, he was just brilliant and would react to the shouts from the audience perfectly - he was hilarious.

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