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Sunday, 9 March 2014


Today the weather was so beautiful. Seriously, it's not even technically Spring yet and I was able to wear a strappy dress without a cardigan - it was heaven!

Cleethorpes Beach
'An Ice Lolly?! Are you mad?' I hear you yell - Yes! It was actually warm enough for ice lollies, that in itself is a sign of a good day!

Becki and I decided to go for a walk. A two and a half hour walk. A walk that my legs are now paying for. Wow I'm unfit. It was so lovely though. We walked down South Sea Lane and then through Thorpe Park and down the beach. It was brilliant to see everybody out and about - a little bit of sunshine and the whole of Cleethorpes and Grimsby come out to play.

Thorpe Park

I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I hate getting my cameras out in public so I tried to embrace my cameras today and although it was still hard not to feel just a little bit pretentious and a little hipster-like I did it and I really like the results. Note to self, try to stop caring about what others think.

I took both my Instax and Polaroid cameras with me (though this eventually murdered my back) and I did take plenty of photographs. The first few polaroids didn't exactly turn out to plan but I've emailed Impossible about that one to try and figure out what went wrong - maybe it's just how unpredictable the film is, it just seemed weird that it was only the first few shots that developed so badly and well... purple.

I will eventually post both the Instax and Polaroids on here though I can't promise when exactly.


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