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Monday, 3 March 2014

The Small Things

I've fallen in love with music again over the past few months. The Used's new album looks like it is going to be truly amazing and I've preordered American Author's album also... the latter is just one of those albums that's wonderfully fun, you can't help but be happy listening to it.

Six of the songs have already been released and driving home from Leeds in the bright sunshine, sunglasses on with the American Authors and The Airborne Toxic Event blasting out was wonderful. It's the small things after all.

I've also recently fallen in love with the song below.

I want to be creative again. I am determined to get more use out of my cameras this year. I don't want to be afraid of pulling out my camera, I just want it to be second nature without feeling self-conscious. It may sound silly but sometimes I just feel like a tit. I may not be the most imaginative photographer and it even pains me greatly to experiment with destructive manipulations but it's something I enjoy and where is the harm in that?

I have plans, things to look forward to; no one but me can stop 2014 from being a fantastic year and I honestly plan to make the most of it!


Just to clarify, this will be the permanent new name of this blog; 'Quinly' is no long affiliated with me, I have nothing to do with that blog or it's content.

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